Welcome to "Port City Perspectives," our latest blog series where we take a peek behind the curtain of Wilmington's local businesses and community projects, and through the perspective of the owners, entrepreneurs and invigorators. Small business is the heartbeat of our city, and we are excited to take a deep dive into the stories, passions, and aspirations of the individuals who help to shape our community, and are a huge part of our town’s trajectory and future. 

Kicking off our series is the exciting debut of the new Orange Street Bed & Breakfast! Aleisha had the privilege of conducting an interview with the owner, Betsy, to get some insight into her newest venture in Downtown Wilmington. Keep reading to learn more about the inner workings, and the driving force behind Wilmington’s newest and cutest Bed & Breakfast!


Here’s the interview!

Aleisha: What services or products do you offer? 

Betsy: Lodging

Aleisha: What made you choose the Bed & Breakfast location? 

Betsy: It’s walkability in downtown and proximity to beaches.

Aleisha: What are your company's goals? 

Betsy: To provide a safe and cozy place for guests to relax and recharge.

Aleisha: What made you choose to start a Bed & Breakfast? 

Betsy: My own love of overnights in B&Bs

Aleisha: What was your background before opening OSB&B? 

Betsy: I was in the healthcare arena.

Aleisha: How does your business compare to competitors in the market? 

Betsy: It’s small enough to pay attention to all the details so that guests feel welcome, safe, and want to return.

Aleisha: How do you generate customers and referrals? 

Betsy: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Travel channels such as Expedia, Travelocity, Booking.com, etc. 

Aleisha: What changes have you made to your business strategy over the past few years? 

Betsy: Having initially started out as a short term 3 bedroom rental property in Carolina Place, I converted to the concept of a Bed and Breakfast with a dear friend who manages Orange Street B and B as the on site Innkeeper.

Aleisha: How did you come up with the name for your company? 

Betsy: It was easy, the house is on Orange Street in the Cargo District and I wanted to make it easy for guests to find the property. Tying the street name into the B&B name just made sense. 

Aleisha: Who is your target market? 

Betsy: Any traveler in need of a reasonably priced, private and  overnight stay in Wilmington. 

Aleisha: How do you measure success? 

Betsy: Customer Satisfaction! We want to know that our guests have enjoyed their stay, the meal they were served and the recommendations we make for exploring Wilmington. We want our guests to fall in love with the area as we did, and return time and again. 

Aleisha: How would you describe your company's workplace culture? 

Betsy: OSB&B is small. We are customer oriented and ready to provide a great experience.  

Aleisha: How can your business give back to the community? 

Betsy: Partnering with other Carolina Place and Cargo district businesses to cross promote services, and donating to the Wilmington Historical Society to help advance their mission for preserving our grand old homes. 

Aleisha: What is unique about your company? 

Betsy: We are small, we are transplants from Pennsylvania who fell in love with Wilmington and not only want to make it our home away from home, but to welcome others whether they are passing through, vacationing or looking for their own home in the area.

Aleisha: What do you want your customers/clients to remember about you and your business? 

Betsy: That they will always be treated as our top priority, have a great breakfast, and that they feel welcome to the B&B as well as the City of Wilmington. 



There you have it, folks! As we wrap up our conversation with Betsy from Orange Street Bed & Breakfast, it's clear that her passion for hospitality and commitment to creating memorable experiences shine through in every aspect of her business. With the prime downtown location, cozy accommodations, and a small and detail oriented atmosphere, Orange Street Bed & Breakfast offers a unique escape for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in Wilmington. Betsy and her team go above and beyond to ensure every visitor feels welcomed and valued.

So, if you're looking for a home away from home during your visit to Wilmington, or even a little Staycation, be sure to check out Orange Street Bed & Breakfast!

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Author: Haley Elder, Marketing Manager

Salt + Stone Property Group



Interviewer: Aleisha Nassef, Broker

Salt + Stone Property Group