In recent years, the demand for new construction has skyrocketed! Now more than ever, new neighborhoods are being built to meet the demand of home buyers. Throughout the country, and especially our little town, everywhere you look you’ll see new homes popping up. We have worked with countless new construction buyers and know just how stressful it can be to bring the vision of your dream home to life. If you are thinking about purchasing a new construction home, keep reading for some tips on how to choose the right builder for you.


Ask the right questions.

  • Licenses + Certifications: Before anything, be sure to ask for proof of all necessary licenses and certifications. Oftentimes, buyers won’t find out until halfway through or even after the building process that the builder is not licensed. Avoid this by asking upfront!
  • Ask for references: Request for references. Just like a job interview, the builder will be doing a job for you. It’s important to do your homework. Ask past clients about their quality of work, their satisfaction with the process, etc. It’s always beneficial to learn from someone else’s mistakes or wins.
  • Ask about warranties: Most builders will offer some sort of warranty on their work (of course, with specifications).  Most warranties include limited material warranties, mechanical warranties, and third-party insured warranties. Be sure to understand the terms thoroughly beforehand so that there is no confusion going forward.
  • Be well-versed on the process: It is important to know how the process will go - start to finish. How involved are you in the process, how often are you updated, what happens when, what products/materials do they use, how does their design process work? Remember, they are building YOUR home. Ensure that they are willing to work closely with you on the project to make sure that your needs are met and your home is built with you in mind.
  • Bring your miscellaneous questions: Understandably, the home buying process in general can be daunting. Going into a new build can be even more intimidating! So, come with a list of any and all of your questions. It’s important that you go into the process with clarity. All questions are valid.


Take a tour: Get an up close and personal look at the quality by taking a tour and getting a visual of the finished product/in the process product. Builders also often participate in home shows where you can tour their work as well. Don’t be afraid to call and ask someone you know that is currently in the process of a build how it’s going. Cover all of your bases before you sign on with a builder!


What's included? What’s NOT included?: Going back to understanding the process, this also requires you to know what is NOT included in the deal. Pay extra attention to what is specified in the contract as covered by the builder. Otherwise, it will likely be at your expense. For example: landscaping is typically an expense that the buyer will be responsible for. The new build rarely comes with the landscaped yard. To avoid surprises, know exactly what is covered before signing.


You get what you pay for: Choosing a builder solely based on prices alone can be a risky maneuver. There are several factors to consider if you find a builder with significantly lower prices…Are they using poor quality materials? Do they upsell along the way? Are they cutting corners that will cost you in the future? Are they potentially going out of business (voiding your warranty after the build)? Are they inexperienced? There are a slew of reasons that a price might be lower than others. Be aware of these risks before blindly choosing a builder based on affordability. This could potentially lead to unaffordable problems in the long run.